Enterprise Manager 13c – Disable the BI Publisher

The BI Publisher will be started automatically during the startup process of the Enterprise Manager 13c. You don’t like the BI Publisher or you don’t use it? Save the resources, speed up your startup process, disable it. The password of the database repository owner SYSMAN is required.

Verify the Status – the BI Publisher is up and running

Disable the BI Publisher

Verify the Status again

If you want to enable the BI Publisher again, the command is listed below the emctl output.


I have tested the start of the Oracle Enterprise Manager in my local virtual machine environment (VMWare Workstation,15GB Memory, 4 Cores, SSD) with and without the BI Publisher. The difference:

BI Publisher enabled – 4 Minutes and 18 Seconds

BI Publisher disabled – 3 Minutes and 6 Seconds

Link to the Oracle Documentation



If you don’t use it – disable it.