Enterprise Manager 13c – How to apply Patch 22505404: WLS PATCH SET UPDATE

Since the 19th of April there is a new patch set available for Weblogic servers – Patch 22505404: WLS PATCH SET UPDATE This patchset has included 116 fixes and is a generic one. The patch is listed in the Enterprise Manager 13c as recommended. OPatch has no to be updated. This patch is not an online patch, you have to shut down your running EM13c server.

This blog post describes the apply of the Weblogic patch set update in an Enterprise Manager 13c environment running on a Oracle Linux server.


Prepare Patch Set Update on EM13c Server

The patch file has to be extracted. I have copied to file to a stage directory /u00/app/oracle/stage on the EM13c server.


Set the ORACLE_HOME variable to the directory where the Oracle Enterprise Manager 13c is located. In my example the EM13 is installed in directory /u00/app/oracle/product/em13cr1.

Stop running Oracle Enterprise Manager 13c

Apply Patch 22505404: WLS PATCH SET UPDATE

Go to the extracted patch set directory:

Apply the patch:

You can ignore the warning message, it’s because OPatch has to rollback a previous installed patch.

Start Oracle Enterprise Manager 13c


Patching of the underlying Weblogic component has the same importance like patching the other components like databases and agents. Since Weblogic 12c is used for the Enteprise Manager,  patching can be done with the DBA well known OPatch tool which is very easy and good documented.