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Enterprise Manager 13c – How to apply p23095307: enterprise manager for oms plugins

Patch 23095307 is the newest system patch for the Enterprise Manager 13c family. This patch will be applied with the new patch tool OMSPatcher (see blog post from @dbakevlar for details). To apply this patch, the OMS has to be stopped.


  • OMS
  • OMSPatcher – I have installed it in directory /u00/app/oracle/product/em13cr1/OMSPatcher
  • URL / Username / Password from your EM13c Weblogic AdminServer (emctl status oms -details)
  • Patch 23095307 is unzipped and available in a local directory, in my case it’s in /u00/app/oracle/stage

The newest OMSPatcher can be downloaded according the My Oracle Support Note How to upgrade the OMSPatcher to latest version of OMSPatcher (Doc ID 2135028.1)

Patch Verification

For the verification you don’t have to shutdown the OMS. Be sure that your ORACLE_HOME is set to the EM13c installation directory.

As you can see, there is a WARNING in the output that a sub-patch is incompatible with the oracle.sysman.ssa.oms.plugin version The SSA.OMS plugin is a plugin for the cloud self service zone. The patch 23092170 is the EM Cloud Plugin Bundle Patch I don’t have installed the cloud plugin during the installation of the EM13 because we don’t use it,  now the OMSPatcher wants this plugin.

Installation of the missing Plugins

To resolve the warning, I have installed the two missing plugins. The Oracle Cloud Application plugin requires the Oracle Virtualization plugin first. Attention: If you install the plugins on the Oracle Management Server, the OMS will be restarted during plugin installation process.

The Oracle Virtualization Plugin


The Oracle Cloud Application Plugin


OMSPatcher Re-Analyze

Now the analyze job runs without any warnings or errors. I have removed some lines in the output for better reading.

The problem is solved, the system is ready to patch.

Patch apply

Before you apply the patch, you have to stop the OMS. Then you can apply it.

I have removed some output. if you want to have the full output, you can download it HERE.

Patch successfully applied

The patch is applied, the OMS can be started again. I don’t know why the patch needs the plugins. My understanding from the plugins is to have a small installation, and only the components which will be used should be configured. And at this point, personally I would expect only an INFORMATION  that some components are not installed so they not will be patched and not a WARNING.

The OMSPatcher is a new tool for the EM13c patching, maybe there are some improvements in one of the next releases.

Oracle Database Backup Service Configuration –

In all the trials in the Oracle cloud in the past, I used the same syntax below to configure the Oracle Database Backup Service on my local servers. Last week I have decided to order the Service via Now I am an official owner of an Oracle cloud account with a CSI :-). But back to my problem, after my account was created I got the mail with the configuration details. So far so good. Then I tried to configure the OPC package as always:

The installer didn’t found the hostname where my backup location should be located. I tried to verify if the REST endpoint URL was available, it was ok:


The output from the installer file without any parameter shows me no additional information:

In the extracted opc_installer.jar file is a Java class file called OpcConfig.class. I used JD-GUI, a small Java decompiler, to take a look insight the Java class file. And at line 90 I found a new parameter which was not listed above – the -host.


So why not try to install opc_installer.jar again and add this -host parameter?

Et voilà – the Oracle Database Backup Service is now configured and ready to use. Time to start RMAN 🙂