Oracle Database Backup Service Configuration –

In all the trials in the Oracle cloud in the past, I used the same syntax below to configure the Oracle Database Backup Service on my local servers. Last week I have decided to order the Service via Now I am an official owner of an Oracle cloud account with a CSI :-). But back to my problem, after my account was created I got the mail with the configuration details. So far so good. Then I tried to configure the OPC package as always:

The installer didn’t found the hostname where my backup location should be located. I tried to verify if the REST endpoint URL was available, it was ok:


The output from the installer file without any parameter shows me no additional information:

In the extracted opc_installer.jar file is a Java class file called OpcConfig.class. I used JD-GUI, a small Java decompiler, to take a look insight the Java class file. And at line 90 I found a new parameter which was not listed above – the -host.


So why not try to install opc_installer.jar again and add this -host parameter?

Et voilà – the Oracle Database Backup Service is now configured and ready to use. Time to start RMAN 🙂