Get your Oracle 18c Instance in the Oracle Infrastructure Cloud OCI Classic

Do you want to work with Oracle 18c in the Oracle Cloud but the database version is not selectable in the webinterface? You can create an 18c instance in the command-line interface with the PaaS Service Manager (psm). The installation is very well described here, for example you need Python and OpenSSL. My personal installation of the psm executable runs in the Windows 10 integrated Ubuntu system.

Link to the PaaS Service Manager:

After the successful psm setup, you can create an DBaaS instance with this command

$ psm dbcs create-service --config-payload db18c-ee.json

The file db18c-ee.json contains all the information you need to create an 18c instance. Here is my example – I have created a cloud storage container called dbcsbackup in advance because I want to use the OCI backup service.

"description": "18c Instance",
"edition": "EE",
"level": "PAAS",
"serviceName": "db18c-mbg-01",
"shape": "oc3",
"subscriptionType": "HOURLY",
"version": "",
"vmPublicKeyText": "<copy_here_your_oci_ssh_public_kex",
"parameters": [
"type": "db",
"usableStorage": "15",
"adminPassword": "Welcome_1",
"sid": "ORCL",
"pdbName": "MYPDB",
"failoverDatabase": "no",
"backupDestination": "BOTH",
"cloudStorageContainer": "Storage-<my_identitydomain>\/dbcsbackup",
"cloudStorageUser": "<my_login>",
"cloudStoragePwd": "<my_password>"

Some minutes later you can login by terminal and user SQL*Plus. Oracle 18c: Here we are!

And in the OCI dashboard it looks fine too.

Addtional Info: If you want a Standard Edition, just replace the line “edition”: “SE”, happy 18c.