Oracle Database Appliance X6 – resize your /u01

Basically on an ODA X6-L the directory /u01 has the size of 100 GB. With seven different ORACLE_HOME directories for the Oracle databases and the Grid Infrastructure software, there is no disk space left for patching the Oracle Database Appliance. ODA patches require between 13 GB and 15 GB free space on /u01 for the new software. Just FYI – during the patch process a new stage directory called /u01/patching is created where the new software is temporarily located.

Patch Apply failed – Not enough free Space

If there is not enough free space available, update processes like updating a database home fail.

Verify the actual Situation and the Disk Configuration

There is not enough free space for the update process – but we see that /u01 is a logical volume. 

Let’s verify the physical volume for free space, we can see 7214 free physical extents are available.

This is the actual size of the logical volume, the actual logical volume size is 100 GB.

Extend /u01

Now we extend online the LVM with the lvextend command from 100 GB to 150 GB.

The logical volume is now 150 GB.

Finally the filesystem has to be resized.

Now we have enough space for patching.


Resizing the /u01 on an Oracle Database Appliance is very easy and straightforward. There are no special actions required, it’s just a logical volume, no downtime required. And there is more space left on the physical volume for other resize actions.