Oracle Cloud Infrastructure – Stop your 20c Preview Database Instance Node by OCI CLI now – Great MOS Experience

This was really great experience with the guys from My Oracle Support and Oracle teams. Seven days ago I raised an SR that there was no possibility to stop a 20c Preview database instance node if it’s not in use.

No chance to stop a 20c Preview Instance

There was no stop action in the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure UI and not in OCI CLI. The only way was to terminate an 20c preview instance. If I tried to stop a database node in the OCI CLI, this message occurs: Operation is not allowed for Preview Database version.

Service Request Update today

Today my SR was updated with a short message: “PIease retry through API and confirm.” Sure 🙂

After some seconds, the instance node was successfully stopped.

Let’s start it again.

Node is starting…

Node is available


Thanks My Oracle Support to implement this change!