Oracle Cloud Infrastructure – one DRG to many VCNs – arrived in Zurich / Switzerland – Upgrade Time!

One of my OCI favorites is finally arrived in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure data center eu-zurich-1 – the possibility to attach one Dynamic Routing Gateway DRG to multiple Virtual Cloud Networks VCNs. To see how it works, Simo has written three blog posts where it’s very well described. Now it’s time to upgrade my existing DRG!

Oracle’s OCI documentation:

How to upgrade an existing DRG? See here – just click on the images to see the details.

Step 1 – verify on an existing DRG if your region is ready – if yes, press the Upgrade DRG button

As you can see here, in this version of DRG, there is the existing IPSec connection listed.

Step 2 – Do you really want to upgrade the DRG? Sure!

Step 3 – The UI View changes, new Resources are created

After some minutes, the DRG view has changed, now the Virtual Cloud Network attachments are visible. New resources like DRG Route Tables and Route Distributions are created.

Step 4 – What about the existing VPN Tunnel?

Verify if the existing tunnel is still running and try to connect to be sure that the routing work properly. It works – nice!

[opc@linux-free ~]$ sudo oci-metadata | grep ociAdName
ociAdName: eu-zurich-1-ad-1


To attach a single DRG to multiple VCNS opens new possibilities in network design. Read the manual properly to understand how components like DRG Route Tables and DRG Attachments are working. Well done, well done, Oracle!