Oracle 21c runInstaller on Oracle Linux 8 – Don’t forget to run – [FATAL] [INS-32035]

In one of my lab environments where an Oracle 19c database is up and running, it was time to upgrade it to 21c by AutoUpgrade. The new ORACLE_HOME was ready, the software extracted. But when running the OUI installer in silent mode, it stops working: [FATAL] [INS-32035].

runInstaller – 1st run

The error from the OUI logfile:

Quick Solution

An opatch lsinventory command from the existing 19c installation shows, that there is a file called oraInst.loc is located in the 19c ORACLE_HOME. But for existing RDBMS installations, the OUI has to verify the inventory location in /etc/oraInst.loc or depending on the OS in  /var/opt/oracle/oraInst.loc. But: NO FILE THERE.

The quick and simple solution was as OS user root to copy the existing file which points to the inventory directory to /etc and re-start the OUI.

runInstaller – 2nd run

Why this happened?

During the old 19c installation, I did not run /u01/app/oraInventory/ which creates this file. Extract from the 19c runInstaller log:

Alternative solution

Just run /u01/app/oraInventory/ again – it creates the file /etc/oraInst.loc for you and sets the correct permissions. Take a look here in this My Oracle Support note  for a detailed description what the script does:

  • What Are And Scripts In A Standalone RDBMS Installation? (Doc ID 1493121.1)


This was really a stupid error. Lesson learned: read the f* terminal output – even in lab environments. AutoUpgrade can start now 🙂