Oracle Enterprise Manager 13c Release 5 – Time for Release Update 2

Since a few days the Enterprise Manager Cloud Control Base Platform Monthly Release Update (RU) 2 is available to apply. Time to update my 13.5 lab environment at home to get a first experience about a lot of new features like Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Resource Discovery, Oracle Enterprise Manager Dashboards, Database Scheduler Jobs Metrics and many more.

Notes and Links

My Oracle Support Notes

  • 13.5.0 Enterprise Manager Cloud Control Base Platform Monthly Release Update (RU) 2 (Doc ID 2822316.1)
  • Enterprise Manager 13.5 Main Release Update List (Includes Plug-ins) (Doc ID 2760230.2)

Other Links

Patch Number 33456001

The Environment

  • Oracle Enterprise Manager 13.5 running on Oracle Linux 7.9
  • Oracle Enterprise Edition Repository 19.13 Single Tenant
  • Oracle Restart / ASM 21.0.0
  • Additional Oracle Linux Server with 19.3.0 Container Databases
  • All targets up and running
  • My Oracle Support connected
  • Patch software staged directory in /u01/app/oracle/stage/33456001

Installed Plugins

Verification by emcli. Plugins actually have release number



For the readme:

  1. On the Repository Database, apply Database Release Update Patch 32545013 and Overlay patch for 17777718 on top of Database Release Update Or apply Database Release Update Patch 32904851 or its later Database Release Update version patch.

  2. On Windows, apply Oracle Repository Creation Utility patch 33053642 on all OMSes.

  3. Ensure that you have the latest version of OMSPatcher version for Enterprise Manager release on all OMSes.

In my case I had to update OMSPatcher and his little sister OPatch. For upgrading these components, I recommend these notes:

  • 13.5: How To Upgrade Enterprise Manager 13.5 Cloud Control OMSPatcher Utility to Version (Doc ID 2809842.1)
  • Patch 28186730: OPATCH FOR EM 13.4, 13.5 AND FMW/WLS, AND



Software Directory

The release update is transferred to the local stage directory:


Run the pre-check to analyze the existing Oracle Enterprise Manager system.

These warning messages about patches which can not applied can be ignored, I don’t have installed these plugins like SMF (Enterprise Manager for Fusion Applications):


1st – Stop the Oracle Management Server

2nd – Apply RU with OMSPatcher

As in some blog posts before, I don’t use a credential file, therefore the username (if not using weblogic which is default) and the password for the Weblogic AdminServer has to be provided. The job runs some minutes. The OMS will be started automatically.


Get the Release Update Information, the inventory was updated:

Next Step

  • Plugin Upgrade
  • Agent Patch


Some weeks ago there was a presentation with all these new features like customizable dashboards. The update process himself was easy and straight forward as we knew from other releases. Finally the Release Update 2 is arrived. Let’s see in the next days what’s in the box.